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Tuesday - 10th July 2018

  • AAATE Workshop 2018 - Time: 09:00 - 17:00 - Location:Loft C Access: Upon registration

    More info on this workshop at AAATE website!

    Please note:

    1. For contributing you need to register as outlined on AAATE  and ICCHP
    2. As a registered user you can submit after successful login following ICCHP website "My submissions" 

    Workshop Fee: € 132 including 10% VAT - the fee covers access to the workshop, free admittance to the ICCHP welcome cocktail, lunch of the day and refreshments

    • Discount for AAATE members: € 88 including 10% VAT
    • Discount for new AAATE members: € 22 including 10% VAT
    • Free access for ICCHP-delegates