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  16th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs
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Update 12/17

Healthy, Peaceful and Happy Holidays and a successful 2018!

1. Paper Submission Open

Paper Submission is open and available till February 1st, 2018. Use this quiet(er) time of the year and feel free to submit whenever you are ready following ICCHP 2018 submission form.

2. ICCHP 2018 Special Thematic Sessions

Check out the impressive list of already announced STS for ICCHP 2018 following STS List ICCHP 2018.
If YOUR topic is not there yet, get in touch! ICCHP invites experts to organize Special Thematic Sessions (STS) to present a detailed and comprehensive view to specific topics of particular interest. Chairs organizing STS are asked to advertise the session on their own. An introduction by the chair (short paper, 4 pages, referenced) will scientifically recognize these efforts in the proceedings. Special thematic sessions must be announced until January 15, 2018.
Check ICCHP 2018 rules, guide- and deadlines for STS!

3. ICCHP 2018 Keynotes

ICCHP is proud and happy to announce the first 2 keynotes for 2018!
Vicki L. Hanson
Vicki Hanson, FACM, FBCS, FRSE, is an American computer scientist noted for her research on human-computer interaction and accessibility and for her leadership in broadening participation in computing. As of 2016 she serves as President of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). She will open ICCHP conference with her keynote.

Gernot Müller-Putz
Gernot Müller-Putz is head of the Institute of Neural Engineering and its associated Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces at Graz Technical University, Austria. Since 2014 he is full professor for semantic data analysis. He has gained extensive experience in the field of biosignal analysis, brain-computer interface research, EEG-based neuroprosthesis control, communication with BCI in patients with disorders of consciousness, hybrid BCI systems, the human somatosensory system, and BCIs in assistive technology over the past 16 years.

More will be published, soon!

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  • CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2018, San Diego, CA, USA, March 19 - 23, 2018.
    CSUN 2018.
  • ISG 2018, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, May 7 - 11, 2018.
    Further information: ISG 2018.

Come and get involved!

Conference: July 11 - 13, 2018 (preconference July 9 & 10 2018)

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