Accommodation 2018

For conference participants and guests special arrangements have been made with hotels in Linz in different distances from the venue and different price categories.
This offer is also valid for those staying in Austria before or after the conference for sightseeing purposes!
ICCHP 2018 map:  Find your accomodation, the venue as well as the Gala Event location!

Please get in touch with the hotels (see column "Booking") before the deadline given in "Allotment Option" to arrange your stay and ALWAYS give "ICCHP 2018" as keyword to get ICCHP rates!

The following hotels are available with special arrangements for ICCHP, ranked by distance - please note: the arranged conditions (allotment options) differ from hotel to hotel. Additional regulations for cancellations and taxes may apply.

Hotel Accessibility Location / Distance Allotment
option ENDS
Rate (single)
from €
Hotel Sommerhaus*** "2 fully wheelchair accessible units with connected single room if needed" closest to campus,
10 minutes walk
May 9 49 (incl. breakfast) eMail to hotel(a)
Harry´s Home*** "2 wheelchair accessible units" close to campus,
15 minutes walk
April 6 90 (excl. breakfast) eMail to linz(a)
Gasthof Pension Lüftner "no wheelchair accessible rooms" 1 min. walk to tram stop & 8 minutes by tram May 31 rates not known yet, about 50 (incl. breakfast) eMail to office(a)
Arcotel Nike**** "some basic accessibility in rooms" 5 min walk to Main Square & 20 min by tram June 15 105 (breakfast incl)  eMail to
Courtyard Linz**** "some basic accessible rooms" 18 minutes by bus & 10 minutes by tram May 25 120 for weekdays,
99 for weekends
(incl. breakfast)
Reservation Link (provided asap)
Hotel Park Inn**** "4 fully wheelchair accessible units incl. connected single room if needed" 5 minutes to tram stop & 25 minutes by tram May 11 116 (incl. breakfast) eMail to reservations.linz(a)
Star Inn*** "6 wheelchair accessible units" 10 minutes to tram stop & 20 minutes by tram June 8 92 (incl. breakfast) eMail to linz(a)
Hotel Ibis Linz*** "4 accessible rooms" 5 minutes walk to tram stop & 28 minutes by tram April 2 74 (excl. breakfast)  eMail to h1722(a)
WiFi Hotel - german website only "1 wheelchair accessible unit" 30 minutes by tram May 31 61 (incl. breakfast) eMail to hotel(a)


Other hotels offering accessible rooms (without special arrangements for ICCHP)

Hotel Spitz

Design - Hotel, some wheelchair accessible rooms) - 15 minutes by tram

Austria Classic Hotel Wolfinger***

No wheelchair accessible rooms - 20 minutes by tram

Bildungshaus Magdalena***

Some basic accessible rooms) - 25 minutes by feet, 15 minutes by tram & add. bus or 10 minutes by car (recommended)

Hotel Prielmayerhof

Offers 3 wheelchair accessible rooms

Weissenwolffstrasse 33
A-4020 Linz
Phone: +43 732/77 41 31-0
Fax: +43 732/77 15 69

Novotel Linz

(offers 2 wheelchair accessible rooms)

Wankmüllerhofstraße 37, 4020 Linz
Phone: +43 732/347281-0
Fax: +43 732/349335

Steigenberger MAXX-Hotel Linz

(offers 1 wheelchair accessible room)

Am Winterhafen 13, 4020 Linz
Phone.: +43 732 7899-0
Fax: +43 (0)732/7899-99



In case you couldn´t find an adequate accomodation, we provide a link to information on ALL available Hotels in Linz:

Linz Tourismus - Accomodation with an overview on their services (wheelchair accessibility, admittance of animals,...).

Please note:
If not specified above, there are no special arrangements for these hotels.
Please get directly in touch with the hotel for reservations, booking and further information.

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