Enabling digital ecosystems for dignified care solutions

One of the lessons learned as result of the CoVid-19 pandemic is that our health systems and our societies seriously fail to provide older and vulnerable citizens with dignified care.

Dignity is – there is little doubt on this – a rather difficult concept which may offer a wide span of interpretations. It can refer to the ‘last mile’ related to the delivery of care services, but also to the core values of respect and autonomy that govern the design and conceptualization of new products and solutions. It is about how people feel, act and behave.
Dignity lies at the heart of personalization, offering people the opportunity to get treated as best and in ways that respect them as individuals, enabling them to maintain as much independence, choice and control over their own lives as possible. 

Invacare is the leading manufacturer and distributor for medical equipment used in non-acute care settings. As a company we design, manufacture and distribute medical devices that help people to move, breathe, rest and perform essential hygiene.
Our products are an important component of care for hundreds of thousands people facing a wide range of medical challenges, from those who are active and heading to work or school each day and may need additional mobility or respiratory support, to those who are cared for in residential care settings, at home and in rehabilitation centers.

The Institute Digital Enabling of the Berner Fachochschule supports organisations to plan, design, implement and accomplish their digital transformation strategies. Digital transformation can be a “disruptor” and a “game changer”.

Our workshop aims to involve participants in an interactive, co-creation session to help us shed light on aspects of the digital transformation phenomenon from a cross-disciplinary perspective.
Questions to be addressed include amongst others:

  • How do we structure research in order to handle the inherent complexity of dignified care solutions?
  • Which methods do we need to deploy to identify the job-to-be-done by the customer-oriented business ecosystems?
  • Which methods do we deploy to identify all actors and services to be integrated in such a business ecosystem?
  • Which methods do we deploy to design the platform functionalities?
  • Which methods do we deploy to specify the platform and its processes supporting the doing-of-the-job?

In our workshop we aspire to build and share experiences, knowledge and ideas that promote the potential of digital ecosystems for dignified care solutions. We ask for and encourage presentations and discussion. 

The workshop organisers appreciate your pre-registration by eMail to be able to prepare efficiently and to the point!

The workshop is organised as part of a preparation for an InnoSuisse Innovation Project with Invacare as implementation partner and the Institute Digital Enabling of the Berner Fachhochschule as main research partner.



  • Wednesday - 9th September 2020 14:40 - 16:00