Experiences in the Development of AAL Systems

Many projects have been developed to help older people stay in their homes longer – yet there aren’t many AAL systems available on the market. The goal is to share experiences from AAL projects, look for common patterns, and together find strategies to be more successful in the future. Here we are particularly interested in the development processes, how different stakeholder-needs are determined, and other factors that might contribute to outcomes that are less successful than expected.

Goal: A facilitated interactive discussion workshop with stakeholders to:

  • Discuss lessons learned in small groups.
  • Create a mind map of common issues, clustered according to themes.
  • Generate a corresponding collection of potential strategies and solutions for addressing issues.

Target Groups: People who have been involved in developing such AAL systems who want to exchange ideas to increase success in the future, including developers, researchers, carers and older people.

Maximum: 24 participants

Duration: 2hrs

Registration: By eMail until July 12, 14:30 latest



  • Tuesday - 12th July 2016 15:00 - 17:00 Location: K 033C