Strategic Standardization Issues Concerning eAccessibility & eInclusion


Societies are aging and the share of people with a disability – incl. those with multiple disabilities – is increasing, thus also the urgency of the issue. At the same time the ICTs have advanced, particularly the assistive technologies (ATs). New legislation has been passed and decision makers in government and public administration are increasingly becoming sensitive about the topic – not least with respect to standardization. In industry eAccessibility and eInclusion has become a strategic issue related to corporate social responsibility, quality management (with respect to ICTs and content), not to mention practical implementations. The above has triggered certification activities of different sorts and levels.

Therefore, this workshop will among others 

review the impact of the WSC 2010 recommendations (e.g. what recommendations materialized since 2010),

discuss the potential for standards-based certification schemes (for skills as well as competences) of people working in the field of eAccessibility and eInclusion,

present new developments at European level, such as the new CEN/TC 440 “Electronic Public Procurement” and/or EN 301 549 'Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe” and/or CEN-CENELEC JWG 5 „Design for All“ for implementing EU-Mandate M/473 Deliverable 4.1 „Accessibility following a Design for All approach in products, goods and services – Extending the range of users“,

introduce the database of information on standards related to eAccessibility and eInclusion which is one of the results of the EU-project IN LIFE (INdependent LIving support Functions for the Elderly), See:

From the discussions, recommendations will be collected, discussed and compiled.

Target Groups: All actual or potential users of standards related to eAccessibility and eInclusion; decision makers in administration, industry or services who have to take pertinent standards into account; carers and care service providers interested in keeping abreast with development; stakeholders in standardization; researchers, trainers and experts with an interest in standardization activities and related certification.
Maximum Number of Participants: 40
Registration: Open to all ICCHP participants.
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  • Thursday - 14th July 2016 14:00 - 17:30 Location: K 034D