Attendant Zoom Guide

Before you begin - please make sure that you read the following guides:


  1. Open Whova either by using the Web App or a mobile client.
  2. View the agenda and plan your schedule
  3. Choose “View Live stream”. 
  4. Zoom will open automatically in the web. If you already installed a ZOOM-client, you can open the ZOOM meeting. You can also use the Web client.
  5. If you haven’t installed ZOOM yet please follow these instructions provided at the Zoom getting started page.
  6. Please fill in your full name if not shown (see “How to change my name in ZOOM”) 
  7. Use the chat function for question and answers (see “How to use chat in ZOOM”)
  8. Before asking a question, please use the “Raise Hand” button on the Participants Zoom window. This will inform the presenter that you would like to ask a question. When instructed to do so, you may use the chat function to pose your question (see above).
  9. If you want to leave the session press “End Meeting “on the right bottom of your screen
  10. At the end of a session you will be send to a “discussion room”. This room will be open till the next session starts. You always can leave this room (see “How to leave a breakout room”)