History and Background to ICCHP


ICCHP looks back at 22 years of supporting the advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Assistive Technologies (AT) for people with disabilities and the aging population.

ICCHP has been one of the first conferences bringing together individual researchers starting AT as "handicrafts". These pioneers had a clear vision for the potential of the upcoming ICT revolution for people with disabilities and an according enthusiasm to set up a new scientific discipline with close relations to end users and respecting the need for interdisciplinary discussions.

Visonary experts in the field of Computer Science founded ICCHP:

  • Prof. Roland Wagner, University of Linz
  • Prof. A Min Tjoa, Vienna University of Technology.

This underlines the major role ICT also plays in this field which has grown and established itself as what is know today under keywords like

  • Assistive Technologies
  • eAccessibility
  • eInclusion or, in a broader sense
  • Design for All and Universal Design.

ICCHP's Mission

Picture equation “equality = eQuality”The motto of ICCHP 2006 best summarizes the mission of ICCHP: The equation “equality = eQuality” symbolizes how much equality, equal access and therefore equal chances in society have become dependant on "eQuality", the quality of ICT based systems and services in the sense of taking the needs of all users into account including those with disabilities.

eAccessibility and eInclusion, which go back to the pioneering work in the 80ies, have become a major driving force for an open and democratic information society.

If the 21st century is the first of the “information or knowledge age”, eQuality has to be seen as one of its fundamental human rights.

This outlines that the enormous potential of ICT and AT can only be effective if this right of access and the importance of inclusive design are understood and accepted in society. “eAccessibility” and “Design for All” are becoming established disciplines. ICCHP is proud to serve and support this process.

ICCHP's mission also includes dedication to support the next generation of engineers, designers, developers and practitioneers to take eQuality into account. Working towards eQuality asks for skills in interdisciplinary co-operation in research, development, practice, evaluation and policy making. There is a need for traditional disciplines to leave their familiar paths and enter into new dialogues to contribute to an open and accessible society. Only a comprehensive, holistic approach enables us to explore the full potential of ICT and AT.

Since 1986 ICCHP pioneers and serves this process. Since its beginning it offers an international platform for visionary researchers and practitioners in eInclusion. Attractions like Young Researchers Conosrtium, Special Thematic Sessions, ICCHP Roland Wagner Award have been put in place. ICCHP invites people from around the world to answer the call for contributions, exchange ideas, discuss common approaches and develop interdisciplinary programmes to contribute to present and future challenges. The last events had more than 400 international and 200 national visitors what underlines the role of ICCHP in this field.

Come and get involved in eInclusion!


ICCHP 2014: Paris, France


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