ICCHP 2014 co-operates and collocates with Media 4D

To underpin the importance of (e)Accessibility, ICCHP 2014 will implement an STS on multimedia accessibility and closely co-operate with Media4D.
Find out more about Media4D and the planned activities following Media4D website!

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Visual Content Meets Technological Innovation:
From Social Innovation to Market Opportunities

We are pleased to announce the 3rd social innovation conference Media4D that will take place on 9th of July 2014 in Paris/France, where accessibility topics in the media and digital content fields will be discussed.

In a special partnership, this one-day-social-innovation-conference Media4D 2014 will be collocated with ICCHP 2014, the 14th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, and University Paris8 Vincennes-St.Denis will host both events. With specific top identities, both conferences will organize jointly the opening session as well as the common Social Dinner.

Media4D aims to be the place where different communities meet like content providers, broadcasters, vendors, user representatives as well as R&D communities, public institutions and representatives from the European Commission and investors. This event will be the platform that allows SMEs and very small sized companies to get in touch with European players, find partners and potential investors.

Media4D is the place to get access to best practice and showcase examples, discuss the state of the art in terms of accessibility in the audiovisual and digital content field: R&D, content, audiences’ needs, but also financing and funding for content providers as well as potential new business models will be among the topics. Creative people who include accessibility from scratch within their content production process, story telling or scenario writing will create very original œuvres and therefore also interest larger audiences.

To create awareness among creative people, we built a partnership from the very beginning with ECU-The European Independent Film Festival, which dedicates the jointly created ECU-E-Inclusion Award to one accessible film submission.

2015 will be the term for legal obligations to give access to all people to cultural resources. This is why experts and top quality speakers from the whole value chain will discuss upcoming changes and economical issues. At the end of the conference, we invite all participants to the Social Diner of both conferences.

Programme and registrations will be opening March 2014. A programme committee will guarantee the independence and quality of the programme.

Media4D aims at becoming a reference event between research and content players. After the 2nd Media4D conference, we set up the public-private partnership Think Tank Media4D. This initiative is focusing on accessibility and the media (4 screens). It is developed with the support of the French State, represented by Direccte Ile-de-France within the “Greater Paris” project and Plaine Commune, the North Paris Urban Community, through its Cluster of Culture and creation. Among others, the Media4D Think Tank intends to integrate accessibility from scratch into the content production process and make it “accessible for all”, while considering the needs of specific populations like disabled people, ageing populations, vulnerable populations). The 3rd Media4D conference will also valorise the work of this Think Tank.

Contact: Ms. Hadmut Holken, Media4D co-ordinator