Prepare for Online ICCHP

ICCHP 2020 is an online event. This is challenging, both in terms of accessibility and equal participation opportunities for all as well as in terms of creating our usual ICCHP atmosphere and the “ICCHP experience” you deserve and what we all had when meeting over three decades.

To be able to make ICCHP an accessible and inviting online experience we need your cooperation.
Please find below information on the workflow and where we need your cooperation:

  1. Communication and social interaction platform Whova – your profile, please! Conferences are rich and unique due to personal contacts, exchange, discussion etc. facilitating networking and cooperation. Discussions during sessions, breaks and social events make a conference more than just scientific presentations. To allow and support interaction, breaking out with others for a chat or discussion, run a personal demo, etc. it is important that you are present with more than a few-character acronym or a nickname. With sending your access credentials to the conference platform we invite you to build your personal profile at Whova. Add a picture, describe your background, link to your social media presences, personal/work/project web pages and your publications. Making your account personal will support social interaction! Prepare as you would do it for meeting up in Lecco - start now with packing what you want to share!
    • Introductory information on Whova
    • Speakers´ (and attendees) information form to already collect data to be then added and displayed in your Whova profile 
    • How to build your profile on Whova
  2. You are in control of a secure and time/location independent presentation - prerecord your presentation: We all know: Live presentation is best, but online this is risky due to technical issues.
    Also at a global level, people might not be able to attend – time differences tend to be big! And making live presentations accessible is not only challenging but rather time consuming.
    We strongly invite you to prepare a pre-recorded video of your presentation. This makes your input much more secure and accessible (e.g. ICCHP is able to prepare captions and/or sign language translations).

    If you are a speaker (the presenter) at the conference, you will be contacted personally by ICCHP via email with instructions on how to upload your video for the conference. 
    Please note that you only need to produce the video - accessibility features like closed captions are provided by ICCHP.

    If you are unfamiliar with multimedia experience, here are some links to different video recording options(:
  3. Your slides and your presentation - make them accessible: If you are used to compose a written transcript of your own speech in advance of your presentations, we would be more than happy to get it from you - captioning of your video will be easier for us.
    All those having problems in reading and using your slides in the video or during a life presentation benefit from using your accessible slides before, during or after the presentation.
    We trust that you know how to prepare accessible versions of your slides and your presentation. Feel free to get in touch with us for checking before uploading. You might find the following links on accessibility features and guidelines of the major tool providers useful:
  4. Get used to the conference facilities - rehearse your presentation. No matter if you prefer to present live or via prerecorded video: Getting used to the online environment and knowing how to manage the systems is a major benefit for feeling confident and safe. We invite you to do what we all do when going to a new (conference) place: Getting used to the environment. Meet with one of our session moderators the days before the event to make a tour, check if your internet/audio/video connection works and your slides run smoothly. You will experience how presentations are organized and what features and support is available. This relieves you and helps us - your organisers - a lot!
  5. Attend your sessions - live and asynchronous presentations: When logged into Whova, you will find the program overview and what is live at the moment in the different meeting rooms (Zoom). Select your Track/Session, check the profiles and materials of speakers and enter the live presentation. If you were not able to attend or will not be able to attend, you will find the pre-recorded or live-recorded version for asynchronous participation. Also Q&As, chat and forum will invite for discussing for a longer time period. Plan your attendance and contributions, live or asynchronously, and come back frequently! Live is best, but sort out, whatever works best for you to attend, contribute, ask questions, connect with people and arange interaction, meetings, networking - your perfect stay with ICCHP!
  6. Inform us, soon - accessibility requirements: As outlined above, we will work on accessibility of the system and all materials provided. We depend on your cooperation to make ICCHP online a real accessible event! We also foresee live captioning and sign language translation for selected sessions and are happy to provide support where needed.
    Please inform us by checking "accessibility services" during registration and in case get in touch with immediately in order to be able to arrange accordingly and make ICCHP an accessible, joyful, fruitful, enjoyable and efficient event.