Digital Games Accessibility

Since a couple of decades, the video games area have spectacularly grown, and video games are now a genuine cultural and social object. Alongside with the pure entertainment finality, various application areas arose: "games with a purpose" are also aiming to teach, to monitor, to train, to treat, etc. By the way, people who play games became more diverse: from the younger to the elderly, nowadays everyone is potentially a gamer.

This wide diversity of users and products has led to pay a specific attention to their accessibility: how to ensure that nobody is not excluded from this strong cultural movement ? The US legislation, through the CVAA, increased the focus on video/computer game accessibility, but still lots of efforts need to be done, especially regarding mainstream video games.

This session aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and others interested to present and discuss new ideas and solutions dealing with video games accessibility issues.

This could include (but is not restricted to):

  • Novel games and ICT-based activities developed for specific groups such as motor, sensory or cognitive impaired people
  • Evaluation of off-the-shelf video games with / by people with special needs
  • Approaches to design and test games prototypes and ICT-based activities in different environments or with different ability related constraints
  • Requirements engineering and inclusive design approaches for developing games and ICT-based activities for people with special needs
  • Frameworks or methodologies for evaluating the benefits of different games and ICT-based activities
  • Exploration of the challenges, rewards and opportunities of developing accessible games
  • Interfacing assistive technologies with video games and/or platforms.
  • Inclusive game design methods, considerations, tips and tricks

Contributions to the STS have to be submitted using the standard submission procedures of ICCHP.


Contributions to a STS have to be submitted using the standard submission procedures of ICCHP.
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