Future perspectives for Aging Well: AAL Tools, Products, Services

Due to the challenges of an aging society, in many countries tools, technologies and services that support older people in their daily life are being discussed. These systems, also termed Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) systems, are very diverse, and include technologies such as smart homes, robotic systems, tele-health, as well as tele-care monitoring systems. Most older adults prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. These systems address their needs, and support safety and independence, hence, allow people to age with more dignity and enjoyment.

However, there are many challenges involved in developing these types of systems. Many of the technologies involved are innovative and consequently may be more difficult to develop and deploy. Older people also differ from other user groups in many ways. For one thing, there is great diversity in older people's abilities, due to different life experience. Furthermore, many older people have some sort of physical, sensory or cognitive limitations which need to be considered. In addition, the market for AAL systems and technologies is not yet well established.

This Special Thematic Session (STS) thus intends to provide a forum to discuss the major issues related to Ambient Assisted Living and technologies to support aging in place. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

Research Perspective 

  • Research methods in AAL solution development 
  • Novel service design concepts 
  • Accessible interaction design approaches 
  • Context awareness and ambient systems 
  • Future research fields in AAL 

Development Perspective 

  • Specific solutions 
  • Usability issues (software, hardware, services) 
  • User participation and testing in practice 

Business Perspective 

  • Long-term impact assessment 
  • Business model development methods 
  • Cost-benefit analysis of AAL 
  • AAL and the care ecosystem 

Ethical and Legal Aspects 

  • Ethics and user integration in AAL 
  • Privacy and security requirements 
  • Data management in AAL innovation projects

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