Special Thematic Sessions 2018

ICCHP is dedicated to support excellence in AT and eAccessibility R&D. By providing the opportunity to organise and chair targeted Special Thematic Sessions (STS), selected experts can invite the community working in their specific domain to set up focused and coordinated sessions and chapters in the proceedings of ICCHP. STS present a detailed and comprehensive view to specific topics and the proceedings will become a visible and wide spread reference of these topics and thereby help improving the quality of the programme, the proceedings and the presentations. 

Check the list of already announced STS!

ICCHP invites distinguished experts to organise and chair STS at ICCHP.
STS chairs

  • define a comprehensive topic
  • set up a description on his own web space or at icchp.org or ICCHP links to the description
  • motivate and advertise to get interesting submisisons for the session
  • write an introduction (4 pages) as a summary to the topic and the presentations
  • plan the programme of the STS
  • chair the sessions.

An introduction by the chair(s) as a free publication in the proceedings will recognize these efforts.

Propose your Special Thematic Session(s) not later than January 15, 2018 to

Download the guidlines for organising and running STS: docxpdf

Contributions to a STS have to be submitted using the standard submission procedures of ICCHP.
When submitting your contribution please make sure to select the right STS under the category "STS/Session".
Contributions to a STS are evaluated by the Programme Commitee of ICCHP and by the chair(s) of the STS.
Please get in contact with the STS chairs for discussing your involvement and pre-evaluation of your contribution.
Submission Deadline for Contributions to STS: February 1, 2018

Contribute to one of the announced STS!