Submission Science Papers (LNCS papers)

Submission of Science (LNCS) Papers

In case you want to check also for Forum Papers (deadline May 15) with more practical background, consider to submit your work for ICCHP Forum and publish with the 1st digital edition of our ICCHP open access compendium “Future Perspectives of AT, eAccessibility and eInclusion” 

Key Info

Step one

Well-detailed extended abstracts of original, unpublished work

Step two

Camera Ready version of accepted papers

Step three

Presentation at ICCHP conference (timeslots of 20 minutes including discussion)

Extended Abstracts

In order to allow a fair review process authors are asked to follow the instructions for preparing contributions:

Extended abstracts should discuss the following areas:

  • the R&D or application idea
  • the state of the art in this area (other projects, publications, ...)
  • the methodology used
  • the R&D work and results
  • the scientific and practical impact or contributions to the field
  • conclusion and planned activities
  • Extended abstracts summarize the R&D or application work

Extended abstracts summarize the R&D or application work

  • Length: 3 to 5 pages (DIN A4)
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12pt,
  • Single space
  • Margin: 2cm (top/bottom/left/right margin)

To submit your contribution, log in (or register if you do not have an account yet) and go to the extended abstract upload form. The system facilitates the document uploading (pdf, doc) and later on feedback on review, upload of camera-ready version and registration (one stop shop).

Based on the review results the conference chairs will accept contributions as full or short papers or rejected them. This might overrule categories a contributor has selected when submitting an abstract.

Submission of Camera Ready Papers

Camera ready papers have to be submitted till June 15, 2020. Please note, papers must have 6 - 8 pages including formulae, graphs, pictures, tables and references.
Additional pages (up to a max of 12 pages per paper including formulae, graphs, pictures, tables and references) may be purchased - additional fees apply!

Following requests from our authors, we provide again a special regulation concerning exceeding pages. During the last years, it became obvious that authors often cannot estimate the final length of their papers (especially when reformatted by Springer or in case the references section needs reformatting by Springer) and often substantial rework was necessary. In order to ease this process, we decided to give you the opportunity to hand in your paper as is and in case it - during the formatting process done by Springer - exceed the formal ICCHP page limit, you will not be asked to shorten/rework it, but you will automatically be charged an "additional page fee".

Up to a max of 12 pages including formulae, graphs, pictures, tables and references in ready LNCS format. For additional page rates see ICCHP website.

Information on how to prepare the camera ready version of your accepted contribution can be found at Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

The final submission must contain:

  • The final LATEX source files or the doc file of the paper. Allowed extensions: tex, doc, docx, odt.
  • The final paper. Only PDF allowed.
  • A contact form (.txt file) giving the name and e-mail-address of the corresponding author.
  • A copyright form, signed by one author on behalf of all of the authors of the paper. Only PDF allowed.

For the Springer Copyright Form please use the following data:
Title of the book: ICCHP 2020, Computers Helping People with Special Needs
Volume Editor(s): Miesenberger, K.; Manduchi, R.; Covarrubias Rodriguez, M.; Penaz, P.

In order to upload your paper, please log in and go to the final paper upload form. This system facilitates the document uploading. Please note that the form is not available until the review proccess has finished.
You can find all the information to create your Camera Ready Paper following the link to Springer.

Open Access Publishing

This edition of ICCHP it will be possible again to use open access publishing with Springer.
Following Springer´s information you get further information on rates/prices (30€ net per page in the moment - subject to change, please always check the given website-link before deciding on whether you want to use this feature or not!)

Authors must indicate their intention to publish Open Access during upload – for each camera-ready paper.
The open access fee will be invoiced by Springer and/or its associates once the digital OA publication is ready directly with you.


Your accepted paper will be presented and discussed in time slots of 20 minutes (including discussion) during ICCHP conference, September 9 - 11, 2020, grouped as far as possible in sessions featuring papers dealing with related topics.

ICCHP is committed to support the participation of people with disabilities. Your cooperation in terms of making your presentation accessibile is therefore required and appreciated. We recommend to visit guidelines and recommendations for accessible presentations as e.g. "How to Make Presentations Accessible to All" by W3C/WAI.