Update 1/2016

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  15th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs
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Update 1/16

1. Deadline for extended abstracts (ICCHP 2016 and ULD 2016) ends!

February 1st, the submission for extended abstracts ends.
To keep track of all deadlines for ICCHP 2016, check
ICCHP website for further information.

2. ULD - Universal Learning Design 2016

ULD is an opportunity for presenting principles of universal accessibility and sharing experience among professionals who provide for the general accessibility of tertiary education worldwide.
Abstracts for ULD 2016 have to be submitted until February 1st 2016 via ICCHP 2016 webtool!

Check ULD website for details on ULD and paper submission

3. STS

27 STSs from Access to Mathematics and Science over Media Accessibility to Using Mobile Technologies in Educational Environments are already announced.
We encourage all authors and contributors to check the list of announced STS when submitting and choose an STS that fits the topics and contents of their paper!

Check ICCHP website for further information and the final list of submitted STS.

4. Sponsoring ICCHP

Show your interest in and support for Information and Communication Technologies, Assistive Technologies and People with Disabilities - and showcase your latest achievements to estimated 600 international ICCHP 2016 delegates (with Japan, North America and Europe as main countries of origin).
This year, we offer tailored sponsorship packages as well as the possibility to e.g. fund specific events or activities, like Welcome Cocktail, Gala Dinner or Farewell party to guarantee your visibility!

Check our diverse set of possibilities on ICCHP website and get in touch with our Conference Office.
Together, we will find the most convenient and efficient way to co-operate!

5. ICCHP @ social media

ICCHP 2016 is present on Lanyrd

Check Lanyrd for further information and announce your presence!

ICCHP 2016 is on Facebook

Become a fan of ICCHP on Facebook: Check this link for the latest news about ICCHP.
You can also "RSVP" on the ICCHP Conference event page: Check here on Facebook, so everyone can see you will take part.

Come and get involved!

Call for Papers: September 20, 2015 - February 1, 2016
Conference: July 13 - 15, 2016 (preconference July 11 & 12 2016)

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